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Throughout my life I've always been labelled as a shy and awkward girl. I was never really outgoing as a kid, I'm still not. I'd much rather laze about in a pair of cosy PJ's and fluffy socks with some lemonade and a good film.

I was bullied in school a little. Name calling can really hurt and affect each individual differently. Some can laugh it off, ignore it or develop low self esteem, which is what I did. I am very self conscious about my looks. I feel as if the more I try and 'perfect' my makeup or my outfit, the more I get irritated with myself. We can be so harsh on ourselves.

Anxiety and depression can hold you back on so many things you wish to pursue and achieve. It's kinda like having these little pixies (one good, one bad) on each of your shoulders telling you yes and no. But really, you need to listen to what your heart is telling you to do. I find it hard at work because of my anxiety struggles. I'm very polite and friendly towards others but I do lack communication and teamwork skills because I'm afraid of being judged and I get SO nervous talking to customers etc. I'm really glad I decided to create a blog, as I have always enjoyed writing and being creative. This year I plan to do some part-time courses/classes to help build up my confidence and pursue my dream career as a make-up artist :)

I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) last year, which believe it or not can contribute to developing BOTH anxiety and depression. I'll do a whole other post or possibly a YouTube video on this but a big part of managing my symptoms is diet & exercise (which I currently suck at!)

Each day is a new day, it's an opportunity to do something awesome with the life God gave you. I know it can be hard to get up out of bed in the morning when you're feeling so low. I know how it feels when someone tells you to smile when you really don't want to and I know how much you dream of the life you desire but feel hopeless.

Life is a journey. Don't give up. We're all in this together ♡

Here is a little list of things to do when you're feeling like a little pick me up :)

  • Go walkies with your dog
  • Take a yoga/meditation class
  • Bake something yummy
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S marathon (my personal fave!)
  • Paint your nails a pretty colour
  • Rearrange/decorate your room
  • Coffee date with a friend
  • Listen to music/write song lyrics
  • Take a hot bubble bath
  • Read a book or a magazine
  • Get crafty - make candles, knit, paint

I really hope this post helped someone a little bit to feel less lonely. If you ever feel like you need someone to talk to or that nobody is listening to you, contact me.

* I'm not a qualified therapist or doctor *

I'd highly recommend arranging an appointment with your doctor or a specialist in mental health if you are thinking of taking your own life. I have felt like that before and occasionally do still get suicidal thoughts but I try to surround myself with family when I'm feeling extremely low. Please seek help immediately if you feel suicidal.

Take a deep breath in and exhale. You've got life, life hasn't got you.

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