Hello everyone, I hope you're all doing great. I decided to take a little time to figure a few things out such as the course I want to do next month,  job hunting, spending more time with family and friends and just looking after myself in general as it has been a tough past few months, but I'm on the mend and I'm feeling much better. I can't believe we're almost half way through August. I can almost smell the pumpkin spice lattes! Ahh Fall, my fave season for fashion trends, Starbucks drinks and everything really.  ♡ 

Last week, I decided to write out a bucket list to inspire and motivate me to do the things I've always wanted to do/achieve. One thing I decided to check off first was to get a tattoo. I know tattoos are a very controversial subject, however, I believe if you want one, go for it. Everyone has their own little styles and personalities. I love minimalistic yet quirky stuff, as I find there's a lot of beauty in simplicity, I do admire those who decide to be more artsy and creative with their body art though. That's how I see tattoos, the art of your life. It's taken me from 16-23 to actually gain the courage to get inked, ahaha. I wasn't entirely sure what kind of tattoo I wanted as my first but I'm soooo happy with my choice.  I actually decided to get TWO little tattoos on my first visit to the tattoo parlour (A Sailor's Grave) how hardcore am I!? 

The first tattoo I decided to get was this minimalist semicolon heart. I was originally going to get these both separate and a little smaller, however, I saw a template online and instantly fell in love. It was perfect. I chose to get it on my right wrist so I always see it and  I will be reminded that no matter how tough life seems, my story should continue onto the next page/chapter, as life is a journey and beautiful. I am the author. I will continue. ♡ ;

The second little tattoo I got was the logo of the band 'The 1975' - I know some people may think I'm silly for getting a logo of a band tattooed on me for life. I absolutely love this band though. I've honestly never felt this way towards music before. Their music, their lyrics, what they stand for.. They are one of the more genuine music associates of today's age in my opinion. Their music has helped me cope through really grey times. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is play one of their albums. I also just love how the logo looks in general, it's very quirky and minimalist. I know a lot of people would rather get lyrics or references of their favourite band/musician, I don't have a number.1 favourite lyric or reference though, I just love everything about the band, hence why I got the logo.

I just want to say a big Thankyou to Caila Dagger (the lovely lady who tattooed me) she was amazing company! Very chatty and took my mind of the pain, even though I didn't think it hurt that much, haha. Very cool atmosphere at A Sailors Grave too, they offered me and my friend coffee/tea and were playing awesome beats in the background. Very lovely tattoo parlour and I will definitely be back for my next piece for sure. 5*****

I have already started looking for inspiration for my next tattoo. I'm thinking about getting the Taurus constellation on my collarbone, as I think it would look very unique and pretty. 

Thanks for reading! 

Do you have any tattoos?

Love, Leanne xo

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