Hello there, I'm Leanne, the owner of The Boho Pixie. ♡

I just want to say a big thankyou for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy reading my posts. The idea for the name of my blog came from my love of all things Bohemian/Indie fashion related and of course, my love for pixies and all things beautiful and magical. I'm a fairly new blogger, so you'll have to bare with me whilst I learn all of the ropes, haha. I really enjoy sharing my thoughts and opinions on products/trends with others, so alot of my posts will be reviews on products I've tried and new products on the market. I will also be featuring outfit ideas, monthly favourites, tutorials, DIY, recipes, etc - I would also be up for collaborations with other fellow beauty and lifestyle bloggers, so please feel free to contact me if you would be interested :)

25 random facts about me

What is your middle name?: I don't have one! 
What was favourite subject at school?: English 
What is your favourite drink?: Original coca cola.. I know, very naughty! :o
What is your favourite song at the moment?: The 1975 - She's American
What is your favourite food?: Savoury would be a veggie curry with boiled rice and chips. Sweet would be Alpro custard and spongecake or chocolate brownies​! Mmm
What is the last thing you bought?: A super cute lemon shirt dress, tan sandals and sunglasses
Favourite book of all time?: Bobbi Brown Makeup Manuel. I'm going to do a makeup course in September, so this book has been absolutely brilliant for learning the basics beforehand
Favourite Colour?: Blush pink
Do you have any pets?: Harvey, our handsome family Yorkshire terrier
Favourite Perfume?: Elie Saab 
Favourite Holiday?: Christmas
Are you married?: Nope
Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: Yes, 8 times
Do you speak any other language?: A teensy bit of French
How many siblings do you have?: One older brother, Chris
What is your favourite shop?: Primark!!!!
Favourite restaurant?: Nandos. Their veggie options are great :)
When was the last time you cried?: Hmm, about 3 nights ago.. I think
Favourite Blog?: Milk Bubble Tea
Favourite Movie?: Freaky Friday
Favourite TV show?: New Girl/Friends
PC or Mac?: I own neither but I'll say Mac
What phone do you have?: UHANS S1..
How tall are you?: 5ft 4.9 (very precise!)
Can you cook?: I've previously worked as a Chef in a couple of popular restaurants, so I guess I'm not too bad!

Love, Leanne 

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